ACE Ultimate Reward Announced


Our Ultimate ACE Reward: A top of the range bike for students that aim for the top!

Perhaps the primary reason for all the current buzz and excitement from boys in and around the school appears to be our ultimate ACE reward—a top of the range bike, generously donated by our partner charity The Grace Dear Trust. 

The Grace Dear Trust works closely with Southborough High School to help promote positive mental health amongst our students.

They, like Southborough, share the same values and ideas for bringing out the very best in people; that is, by implementing strategies that inspire and praise individuals, recognising both academic and personal qualities, such as  showing kindness to others.

Every student within the school will have the chance to own this wonderful bike. Students earning 800 points will automatically be put into a prize draw and the winner will take home the amazing bike.

For those students not lucky enough to win the bike, all is not lost. They will be able to enjoy a veritable 800 point  ‘spending spree’ , choosing a range of wonderful gifts on offer, including the vouchers, earphones, queue jumping and more.


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