Southborough Sports Grounds Development Project

Southborough plans to create a full size 3G sports ground within its existing playing fields.

As part of a continuous facilities improvement programme, the school plans to develop this project to significantly improve the school's sports offer to its students and to meet the need of the wider community for sports facilities in the local area.

Due to the variable weather conditions - particularly during the winter months - our current sports fields can become waterlogged, and as a result a significant number of fixtures and training sessions have to be cancelled. The building of this 3G sports pitch will ensure that sporting activities can proceed no matter the weather conditions.


"Regular participation in sport plays a significant part in our students' health and wellbeing. It is both frustrating and detrimental to the boys' sporting development when fixtures and training sessions are constantly cancelled due to poor weather conditions underfoot. The provision of a full-size, all-weather pitch will ensure that opportunities to develop and excel at sport are maximised. Our boys are incredibly excited about our plans and have expressed how beneficial an all-weather pitch would be to them."

Mr Niall Smith, Headteacher

Our proposal

The school will be holding an open consultation session on Wednesday 1st May from 6pm until 8pm. You are most welcome to attend this event in order to speak with our team and to find out more about this exciting project.

Information about the project can also be viewed here.


We are seeking feedback from the community before we submit our planning application. Please share your feedback using our QR code or by clicking here

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