Kulash - Senior NCO

Treating someone with RESPECT means that you value someone’s feelings and views. Respect in your relationships – both professional and personal - builds feeling of trust, safety and wellbeing. But being ‘respected’ by others can also signify admiration for someone based on their abilities, qualities and/or their achievements. Being respectful –and being respected by others - means that you care enough to think about how you impact others. And here at Southborough, respect is at the very heart of our key values.

If there’s a student who embodies ‘respect’ at Southborough, it’s Year 13 student Kulash J, a Sixth Former who is notable in how respectful he is towards staff, his peers and his environment. An excellent student who is currently in his first year of studying A levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology, Kulash an absolute delight to teach.

However, it is his through his role as Southborough’s highest ranking CCF cadet ever that really marks him out as a role model for ‘respect’. As part of the school’s CCF partnership with St. John’s School, Kulash was recently awarded the role of SNCO (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer)  and is currently on course to become the CCF’s Head of the RAF section .

Inspired by his grandfather, who was an RAF sergeant based in Ceylon for many years, Kulash was always keen to follow in his footsteps. He was therefore thrilled to be given the opportunity to join Southborough’s CCF three years ago and has risen quickly through the ranks due to his mature attitude, discipline, hard work and respect for others.

Dedicating his spare time to CCF, he is nonetheless on course to perform extremely well at his A levels and hopes to study medicine at university. His plan is to earn a flying scholarship after his third year of medical studies at a Russell Group University Squadron and then take up a full time career in the RAF.

Kulash is a well-respected student who plays an active role within our Student Leadership Team and is an incredibly popular role model not just to other Cadets within the school, but to his peers and younger students also.

He believes that everyone deserves to be respected, even if they have very different beliefs or values to you and has, through his tenacity and hard-work both academically and as part of the CCF, has earned considerable respect from everyone around him. We know he will go far!