Aidan R - Giving his best

The word Respect means that you accept someone as they are and for who they are. Respect in your relationships – both professional and personal - builds feeling of trust, safety and wellbeing. Being respectful means that you care enough to think about how you impact others. At the heart of respect is caring and here at Southborough, it’s at the very heart of our key values.

If there’s a student who embodies ‘respect’ at Southborough, it’s Year 9 pupil Aidan R. Aidan is notable in how respectful he is towards staff, his peers and his environment. His motto is ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself’ and as a result, the school community has an immense level of respect for him.

An excellent student who is a delight to teach, it’s no great surprise to learn that he also loves his sport, taking part in athletics and playing left wing for Corinthian Casuals Football Club. He is proud that his team recently won the league and got promoted to Division 2.  As a sportsman, Aidan quickly learnt that to play well as a team, you needed the respect of your team mates. And respect doesn’t just happen, you have to earn it through ‘giving more than you get, being reliable, listening, communicating and cooperating with your team mates and working hard to win.’

Aidan intuitively understands the role that teachers and students play in school and that respect is at the very heart of the positive relationships shared between the two. A popular student, he shows great kindness towards his classmates and will often help individuals if they are struggling. He empathises well, instinctively knowing what to say and do at the right time. Furthermore, he believes that everyone deserves to be respected, even if they have very different beliefs or values to you. A young man mature beyond his year, we take our hat off to Aidan, a delightful young man who embodies RESPECT by the bucket load!