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Community Testimonials

 "What a refreshing change for  myself and my son to hear that  he is capable of achieving great  things, which his old school seemed to want to hold him back.  Southborough was definitely the  right choice for us, so I wanted  to say thank you for all your  help and support in making the  transition so easy for my son.  He finally enjoys school."    

(Parent of a Year 8 student )

"I was incredibly impressed with how polite and considerate your students were on the bus today which was so nice and refreshing to see, especially when considering all the bad press young people get in the news these days."

(Member of the public)

"Personally, I have some wonderful memories of the time that my 2 boys were at Southborough and I'm incredibly proud to say they are Southborough students." 

(Parent to former Year 11 & Year 13 students)

"I was going to write to say how  impressed I am with your boys who have been coming for the  Grease rehearsals. They are always  polite, well mannered, superbly  behaved, a pleasure to chat with,  respectful and a real credit  to your school."

 (Headteacher at a local school)

 "I was very impressed with the  behaviour and attitudes of the  students todays whilst visiting  to support with the vaccinations.  The boys were incredibly polite  throughout the whole day."   

(School Nurse)

"I just wanted to drop you a quick  note to say thank you for all the  hard work and effort in getting  all the children back into school  on the first day of reopening.  Southborough is the only school  that I know that managed to get  everyone back in on the first day" 

 (Parents of a Year 9 student)

"We recently had our sons parents’  evening and were so impressed with  the smooth way that it ran and the  professionalism of the teachers we  spoke to. They were all very aware of  how he has been engaging and progressing  during this lockdown period and  the next steps for him."    

(Parent of a Year 8 student & Primary School teacher )

 "It is nice to hear from my son how he  is enjoying school. Can I say thank you  to all of the staff for their hard work  that you are putting into helping the boys  with work and to keep their education  going both for home students  and students in school."    

(Parent of a Year 9 student )

 "Thank you ever so much for today, we  had a brilliant morning visiting the school  and meeting your students.  It was wonderful seeing some old faces  and we were very impressed with the  students preparedness for their learning."    

(Primary School teacher )

 "Best wishes to you all and I hope all goes  well with your ongoing work to get the boys  back  (physically ) to school. Keep doing what  you are doing as I really believe  it is changing lives."    

(Parents of a Year 13 student )

 "I completed a second day of testing with  Year 9 and 10 students today and I felt it was  important to write to you. All the boys were  so polite and respectful.  An absolute credit to the school .....  I was wished a nice day, asked how I was,  thanked by many"    

(COVID19 Vaccination volunteer )

 "Right from the start of Year 7, the  enthusiasm and hard work of the staff in  supporting and cheering on (often literally! ) my son has been so evident and I can see  this has had a huge effect on his confidence  and ability to succeed."    

(Parent of a Year 11 student )

 "Just wanted very much to say a big thank  you to you all for the amazing work you do  at such a difficult time ..... We really appreciate  all the dedication and efforts involved on  negotiating the way forward in such a  tricky situation."    

(Headteacher and parent of a Year 7 parent )

 "Many thanks to you and all your staff that  have given up your well-earned holiday to  spend time with the boys at the Easter  revision sessions. My son found these very  helpful, informative, enjoyable and NOT a  chore to get up for!!"    

(Parent to a Year 11 student )