Drew H - Assistant Head Boy

The term ‘responsibility’ means being dependable, making good choices and taking accountability for your actions. It’s a quality that we, at Southborough, hold very highly and as a result, it’s one of our key school values. And if there’s one student who currently epitomises RESPONSIBILITY, it is Year 13 student Drew.

A focused and hard-working student on target to perform well in his A Level studies later this year, it’s not just his academic commitment that marks him out - but very much the number of responsibilities that he successfully undertakes within the school, too.

Drew became a valued member of the school’s Eco Team at the start of Year 10. As the years have passed, he has taken on the added responsibility of making sure that the younger members of the team work effectively –and happily - together on various projects. One such project is the school’s ongoing paper and card recycling initiative. Drew will ‘touch base’ with team members regarding rotas and logistics and as a direct consequence, the ‘green capped’ eco students are always relied on by staff members to collect paper and card from around the entire school; also playing an instrumental role in the success of the whole-school electronic goods recycling initiative. The event was so popular, it even generated some extra funds for the school.  Last summer, Drew and his eco-team members helped to create a special flower garden to mark the King’s Coronation and, before that, helped plant new trees along the school boundaries, set up bird feeders and bug hotels in our Wellbeing courtyard garden to encourage more wildlife.

He is passionate about wellbeing and, as a consequence, regularly contributes to Mental Health Awareness events, most recently our flagship ‘WellFest’ event. With a keen eye for detail, his work on the logistical side of things has proved invaluable. However, as a kind, approachable and friendly young man, he has also been the perfect candidate to ‘meet and greet’ our festival visitors, including students, VIPs, parents and members of the public.

It should be no surprise to hear that for the past two years he has been a valued member of the Sixth Form Senior Leadership Team - this year as Assistant Head Boy – and has successfully taken on board a number of key responsibilities including Key Stage 3 Mentoring, Mental Health Ambassador and working with Spanish GOT (Gifted, Outstanding and Talented) learners within the school.

Drew continues to be a dependable, hard-working and responsible member of the school who balances his studies and school responsibilities with ‘aplomb’. He exemplifies the key value of RESPONSIBILITY at Southborough and we are super proud of him!