Josh M - The Ambassador

The relationship between two people or groups is the way in which they feel and behave towards each other; it signifies a connection. Here at Southborough we place huge emphasis on forging positive relationships between staff and pupils as we know that a positive school environment contributes to students’ academic achievement and wellbeing. That’s why ‘RELATIONSHIPS’ is one of our core values.

Building positive relationships with students makes them feel valued and respected. When students feel their teachers care about them, want what’s best for them and have confidence in their abilities, then this can be powerful enough to move mountains. But it also provides another key benefit; it teaches our students how to harness the power of forging positive relationships themselves, whether it’s with their classmates, friends, family, or people they go on to work with and for.

Year 9 student Joshua M doesn’t need any coaching when it comes to nurturing relationships at Southborough. He is a naturally upbeat, positive and friendly young man with impeccable manners. He works hard at his studies – his favourite subjects include Science, English, History, Geography and French - – and is well thought of by both his teachers and his peers. He demonstrates superb academic excellence in all his subjects, giving his best to everything he does.

Recently nominated by his classmates to become the class representative for our Student Parliament in both Years 7 and 8, he was subsequently nominated as the school's Mental Health Ambassador for this academic year. Clearly, his peers both respect and trust his judgement and know that he will work hard to represent them.

He is always a ‘go to’ student when teachers need a reliable and hard-working student to represent the school and has helped at numerous Open Evenings. Earlier this year he helped our Mental Health Lead Practitioner and Science Teacher organise a highly successful ‘Wellfest’ event, even promoting the mental health benefits of being part of his local Scouts group. A great ‘all-rounder’, earlier this year, Joshua also show-cased his super literacy skills by winning first prize for best poem on World Poetry Day.

Joshua understands that the harder you work at relationships, the more rewarding it is for everyone. We think he’s amazing; a fine role model for both his academic excellence and positive relationship building at Southborough.