Harry P - Making Connections

The relationship between two people or groups is the way in which they feel and behave towards each other; it signifies a connection. Here at Southborough we place huge emphasis on forging positive relationships between staff and pupils as we know that a positive school environment contributes to students’ academic achievement and wellbeing. That’s why Relationships is one of our core values.

Building positive relationships with students makes them feel valued and respected. When students feel their teachers care about them, want what’s best for them and have confidence in their abilities, this can be powerful enough to move mountains. But it also provides another key benefit; it teaches our students how to harness the power of forging positive relationships themselves, whether it’s with their classmates, friends, family, people they go on to work with and for.

Year 7 student Harry P doesn’t need any coaching when it comes to relationships at Southborough. He is a naturally upbeat, positive and friendly young man with impeccable manners. He works hard at his studies – his favourite subjects are English and Maths – and is well thought of by both his teachers and his peers. He is fiercely loyal and kind to all his classmates and makes it his business to look out for them. If someone is looking sad, Harry will be the first to ask them how they are. If someone doesn’t understand a topic, Harry will offer to work with them. It’s clear for all to see that Harry is a caring young man and in return, his classmates think highly of him. Put simply, Harry personifies positive relationships to a tee.

Harry understands the importance of trying new things and meeting new people and as a consequence is part of both the Eco Club and ‘Melo’s Monday Wellbeing’ Club – both extra-curricular activities that take place after school.

With regards to the Eco Club, Harry loves the fact that he and the team work together to make a positive difference to the planet. They lead on recycling, focus on bio-diversity within our green spaces and nurture and care for the school’s courtyard garden. He and the team recently helped develop and create a wonderful garden to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation. He also loves spending time with friends in the Wellbeing Club. It’s a safe place to talk about your feelings and help and support each other. And they have great fun, too, with bowling trips and such like.

Harry understands that the harder you work at relationships, the more rewarding it is for everyone. We think he’s amazing; a fine role model for positive relationship building at Southborough.