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Home-School Agreement

As a student at Southborough High School, I agree to the following when using the ICT facilities: 

● I will handle all computer equipment carefully. 

● I will only use the computers for schoolwork or homework if given permission by a member of staff. 

● I will not use any USBs or disks in school equipment unless given permission. 

● I will not use USBs, CDs, disks or DVDs from outside school unless given permission to do so. 

● I will not try to access any unsuitable material on the Internet and will tell a member of staff if I see something on the Internet, or receive an email that upsets or worries me. 

● I will only send or reply to e-mail messages if given permission. 

● I will report any misuse of computers to a member of staff. 

● I understand that the school may check my files and will monitor the Internet sites I visit. 

● I will only use digital devices in non-computing lessons, as and when directed by the teacher. 

● I will only login to my own account and will not try to gain access to other people’s accounts. 

● I will not do anything to work around or break network security or internet filtering when in school. 

Advice for users of email:

● Never give out your name, address or school details to people meet online.

● Never agree to meet people who you know only through the Internet.

● Never send photographs of yourself or friends to strangers.

● Tell an adult if someone or something you find on the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable. 

The well-being of our pupils is paramount. Bullying, in all schools, needs to be watched out for and dealt with when it occurs. We have various strategies to combat the rare occurrences of bullying at Southborough High School.

We have an extremely strong Pastoral System with Heads of Year, Pastoral Support Officers and Tutors to support pupils. We undertake regular bullying Surveys and encourage pupils to report any incidents that they experience or see.  We work with pupils to warn them about, and protect them from, some of the very serious negative aspects of society such as drugs, violence and weapons. In order to safeguard our pupils, we take any infiltration of these menaces into our school with the greatest seriousness.

At Southborough High School, we believe in working in partnership with parents to support, encourage and recognise the endeavours of students.  The school commits to:

● Provide high quality teaching and learning through programmes of study suitable for your son's age, ability and aptitude in line with the National Curriculum.

● Set homework regularly, mark it thoroughly and provide facilities for boys to do homework in school.

● Provide advice and guidance about your son's programme of work by means of contact with his tutor, class teachers and Head of Year.

● Monitor progress, celebrate his achievements, and explain and discuss the results with parents/carers by means of clear reports and thorough, regular consultations.

● Promote high standards of behaviour by establishing clear codes of expectations.

● Treat your son fairly and provide him with care and guidance to encourage him to be a confident, creative and self-reliant person.

● Alert you quickly to any difficulties if they appear and respond to your concerns sympathetically and promptly, and provide a clear complaints procedure.

● Provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities, sport and visits.

● Keep you informed of school news and events through a variety of school communications.

● Welcome you when you come to the school and provide you with an effective means of communication for the exchange of information, queries and views through the student diary.

● Provide a secure, safe and stimulating environment and a positive atmosphere conducive to learning.  As a parent/carer I commit to:

● Support the school’s aims and values.

● Take an active and supporting interest in my son’s work and progress, and in the school generally.

● Check Classcharts each week and attend parent/carer consultations.

● Alert the school to any concerns and problems that might affect my child.

● Support the school’s policies and guidelines.

● Ensure my son attends school regularly and punctually.

● Notify the school on each day of absence and confirm the reason in writing.

● Ensure my son wears the correct school uniform.

● Take pride in my son's school in the community and encourage him to take full responsibility for his own actions.

● Endeavour to support the school in providing a wide range of quality facilities by contributing to the School Development Fund. 

As a student I commit to:

● Attend school regularly and on time, and to be ready to learn and to participate in school activities.

● Wear the correct school uniform and be prepared with equipment and books for all lessons.

● Do my best in all aspects of school life.

● Be considerate of, and respectful towards, the feelings and property of other people both in school and the wider community.

From time to time pupils are taken out of school either on local visits, for movement to the school playing fields, or for such events as sporting fixtures.  To make organisation a little less complicated, I would ask you to consent now to your son engaging in these activities without the school organiser needing to seek consent for each individual local trip, journey to the school playing fields, fixture or survey etc.  You will, of course, be informed (and specific consent requested) of any proposed trip that is residential, abroad, hazardous and/or outside the local area. 

By submitting student  details using the Personal Details Form, it will be regarded as you giving your consent. You can find our privacy notice here.