Zachary C - CCF Corporal

Resilience – another important key value of the school - is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to challenging life experiences; the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties. Here at Southborough, we recognise that the ability for students to be able to ‘dust themselves off’ and ‘bounce back’ from any setback he/she may encounter is resolutely key to success, both personally and professionally.

Year 11 student Zachary C has, over the years, become a beacon of resilience at Southborough. Ever since joining the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at school, he has consistently demonstrated a wide range of personal, social and physical skills that have supported him in his role as an active Cadet.

Becoming a cadet within the CCF can be a life-changing experience. It gives you the opportunity to take part in a huge range of exciting and adventurous, military-themed activities. With something for everyone, cadets can learn to live in a field, to shoot, complete an obstacle course, experience adventurous training and expeditions – and more. The reality, though, is that it can also be tough and demanding. Most of our cadets find certain activities as much as a challenge as it is fun. And one such student cadet – Zachary – has met every single challenge - and ‘aced’ it!

A hard-working student on course to perform well in his forthcoming GCSEs, he initially joined the CCF to broaden his horizons and push himself outside of his comfort zone. Ever the individual who recognises that building resilience ‘maketh the man’, Zachary knew that he would need to show commitment and perseverance at every stage.

As a direct result of Zachary’s commendable attitude and quality, the school Officer in Charge of Cadets has nothing but praise about Zachary, citing that he is the one student who never misses a meeting, a drill, an expedition. He comments that Zachary throws himself into an activity whole-heartedly and whilst other cadets may, at times, ‘opt out’ of an activity or miss a drill, he can always rely on Zachary to be a leading example to others. As a consequence, Zachary recently received a well-deserved promotion.

Zachary is the first to admit that his journey through Cadets has not always been easy. However, he is now determined to take the next step; when he joins Sixth Form next year, he wants to mentor and support Year 10 cadets. We have utmost respect for Zachary not just as a hard-working student but in his achievements in all things military-based.