RPF Terms of Reference

Resource, Personnel & Finance Committee


The role of this committee is to have oversight of the school’s finances, resources and personnel. Of paramount importance is the responsibility to ensure that a viable budget is prepared and adhered to and to oversee school finances, thereby ensuring that the school operates correctly according to all relevant regulations. The committee should also ensure that the premises meet appropriate standards of suitability and safety.

The committee’s oversight will include receiving reports from SLT members, reviewing and responding to available evidence (both internal and external), as well as challenging and supporting the leadership of the school.



  • School budget – Financial management

  • Appointment of Auditor – Auditor’s Report

  • Responsible Office Reports

  • Large contracts – Project management – Best Value

  • Pupil recruitment

  • Income streams



  • Staffing – issues – attendance – pay awards viability

  • Occupational Health reports

  • Assistance with senior appointments (as required by Headteacher)



  • Buildings & premises – site development

  • Site contracts

  • Health & Safety – Hazard control

  • Lettings


School Improvement Plan

The committee may scrutinise any section of the School Improvement Plan which falls within the above Terms of Reference.


Self Evaluation Form

The committee may scrutinise any section of the SEF, but will focus predominantly on Leadership & Management.



These will be confirmed at a later date.


Delegated authority –

Approval of the above policies.

As stipulated in the schools schedule of delegated authority (financial).