Laura LN - 'Can do' attitude

SUPPORT is another of the school’s key values. The word ‘Support’ means to ‘give assistance to’ or ‘bear all or part of the weight of, to hold up’. It also means ‘to agree with or give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her or it to succeed’. There’s no doubt about it, helping others - or being supportive towards another person – feels good. Indeed, research has shown that having a strong support system, as we do at Southborough, has many positive benefits, such as higher levels of well-being, better coping skills and a longer and healthier life.

When Laura joined our thriving Sixth Form back in September 2023, she was determined to become an active and supportive member of the school community. Laura’s sunny disposition and ability to win people round means that she is a popular member of the school community. Her positive approach towards her school work – she is studying A levels in English Literature, History and Maths - her kind and helpful nature and ‘can do’ attitude in supporting both students and school events, meant that she was the perfect ‘shoo-in’ to become our Deputy Head Girl this academic year.

Within weeks of joining the school, Laura was supporting our whole school Open Season, conducting tours and chatting to prospective parents. Since then, she has played an active role in supporting a number of key school events including our prestigious Prizegiving Evening and Senior Citizens Christmas Tea Party.

When one of our Sixth Formers sustained a serious brain injury in a freak accident earlier in the year, he received wonderful care and specialist treatment from The Children’s Trust, Tadworth to help him on his long road to recovery. When the school decided to raise money as a ‘thank you’ to this amazing charity, it was Laura who helped rally the Sixth Formers together and lead the way.

Using her creative writing skills and flair for promotion in her role of Marketing and Media Manager, Laura is also a highly supportive member of the Sixth Form Young Enterprise team.

“Moving to a school environment predominantly populated by boys was a big change for me but I absolutely love it here! I get great support from my teachers and in return enjoy giving back by supporting other students and staff.” We think Laura is an absolute superstar and exemplifies the key value of SUPPORT at Southborough wholeheartedly.