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Geography GOT Learners Visit

Geography GOT Learners Visit
9th Feb 2024
Written by ASM

Natural History Museum London Visit for Years 8&9 Geography GOT Students 

"Gifted, Outstanding, and Talented" (GOT) refers to a programme or initiative designed to identify and provide specialised educational opportunities for students who demonstrate exceptional abilities, talents, or potential in areas such as academics, arts, athletics, or leadership. These programmes are often aimed at challenging and nurturing the development these students. On Wednesday 24th January, twenty Geography GOT learners from years 8 and 9 visited the Natural History Museum in London. 

Here is what some of the boys thought of their experience to extend their learning:

On our recent geography trip, we explored many of the natural features of our Earth's history. We started in the volcano section in which we explored the formation and effects of volcanoes. We then went to the earthquake section and went on the simulator showing what an actual earthquake would be like. We then explored the natural formation of gemstones and looked at some very interesting gemstones and ended our trip by going to the dinosaur section of the museum. Overall, it was a very interesting trip and we would all love to go again.”  (Josh M, Year 9).

When we arrived at the museum we climbed the stairs to find the Geology section (sadly the escalator was broken!). When we got there, we saw the different types of rocks and an amazing piece of solidified lighting! We moved on to weathering and there was an incredible contraption demonstrating how waves manipulate the sandbeds! After that we moved to the tectonic plate section. Everything was so fascinating with maps of the tectonic plates and an interesting game where you could build your own virtual volcano! Next was a hazmat suit that can survive temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius! After that was the earthquake simulator of a terrible earthquake in Japan. It was surprising just to see how powerful earthquakes are!

Next we saw evolution and survival needs. Then we saw jewels and crystals and it was very fascinating. After that we went to the dinosaurs and it was amazing to see them in all their glory! They were so huge! We went back to the train station ending the day to an amazing experience.
(Jasper J, Year 8)

These super-curricular events and visits do not just happen, and are a result of meticulous planning by, and enthusiasm for the subject of, our committed staff. Many thanks go to Ms Harrington and her Humanities faculty!