Celebrating Success

Southborough hosts the Mayor's 100% Attendance celebration

Southborough hosts the Mayor's 100% Attendance celebration
20th Oct 2023
Written by ASM

The Mayor of Kingston upon Thames leads the celebrations at Southborough

Both parents and staff know that being around teachers and friends in a school or college environment is the best way for pupils to learn and reach their potential. Time in school also keeps children safe and provides access to extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care. That’s why school attendance is so important and why the Government is committed to tackling the issues that might cause some children to miss school unnecessarily.

Government evidence shows that the students with the highest attendance throughout their time in school gain the best GCSE and A-Level results, and that pupils who performed better  school missed fewer days.

The ‘gold standard’ is therefore students who achieve 100% attendance in an academic year –an amazing accomplishment!

Last Thursday evening, hundreds of students, parents and staff from primary and secondary schools within the ‘South’ of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames gathered together to formally celebrate the excellent attendance of its students.

Every primary and secondary school student present had been invited along because they hadn’t missed a single day off school for an entire academic year.

Special guest for the evening was The Worshipful Mayor of Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Councillor Diane White, who kindly agreed to deliver a special speech on the importance of excellent attendance, highlighting its direct link with attainment and academic success. Other special guests included Deputy Mayor Councillor Richard Thorpe, representatives from Achieving for Children and Sheldon Snashall, Associate Director for Pupil Support and Diana Percival, Head of Education Welfare Services.

Our Sixth Form Junior Leadership Team were also on hand to ‘meet and greet’ our guests.

Organised by Senior Assistant Headteacher Mr Edwards and generously hosted by Head Teacher Mr Smith at Southborough High School, the celebratory event proved to be a resounding success. Mayor Diane White presented each student with a certificate to mark their extraordinary achievement and proud parents and carers were on hand to take photos of their children’s special moment of recognition. Drinks and a delicious buffet were served to all guests, courtesy of Southborough High School.

Mr Smith commented: “We were delighted with the success of the evening. As the famous saying goes ‘The world is run by people who show up’ and this was an evening for schools in the Borough to collectively work together in order to celebrate the marvellous attendance records of our students.”

On behalf of each school, we’d like to thank The Mayor of The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, Councillor Diane White and representatives from Achieving for Children for playing such an important part in the proceedings.