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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

Southborough High School is well known for its strong musical tradition which begins in the classroom and extends through numerous extra-curricular opportunities.

In the Lower School, students will study music as part of the core curriculum with timetabled lessons each week. The curriculum covers composition, performance and listening and appraising music. The topics studied are many and varied and will introduce students to all aspects of musical life including the use of technology in music.  Some topics included Stomp, Pachelbel’s Canon, Reggae music, the Blues and Music for film.

There are two teaching rooms, one for KS3 (Music 1)  and one for KS4 (Music 2), a Band room and two practice rooms. Music 1 has a class set of Chromebooks, a class set of keyboards, drum-kits, bass guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, brass, woodwind and string instruments. Music 2 is an iMac Suite for KS4 students to complete their GCSE Music compositions. 

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In the Upper School the GCSE curriculum further develops performance, composition and analysis skills building a strong foundation for success at GCSE and on towards A-Level. Students will deepen their understanding of melody and harmony, they will appraise music through both practical and academic analysis and learn to write using musical terminology. Performance is a key part of the GCSE course, please take a look at the course guides for further details.

Students have many opportunities to participate in the musical life of the school, whilst there are a wide range of choirs, ensembles and orchestras available and many trips to concerts and other performance opportunities throughout the year.


EDUQAS GCSE Music Specification

Revision and Research Resources

BBC Bitesize Music

WJEC GCSE Music Revision


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