Careers Programme Information (CEIAG)

Welcome to Southborough’s Careers Education Programme

Here you will find a number of key documents and reports which explain the details of our careers provision.  These pages outline our whole school careers learning journey from Y7-13, describe how we address each of the Gatsby Benchmarks, showcase the opportunities we offer, include student testimonies and give details of our links to local Labour Market Information (LMI).

Addressing key legislation like the Baker Clause and Provider Access Legislation, as well as considering the importance of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) in employment opportunities; we know that at Southborough our careers programme makes the difference for all our students closing the gap and building opportunity and aspiration.

Inclusivity: Making the Difference for All

As an inclusive school, we believe that our students should be provided with a rich range of career experiences to give them all a range of options to consider when contemplating their ‘next steps’.  It is only right that we observe the Baker Clause and ensure that our students are not only given experiences of traditionally ‘academic’ routes and job roles but also engage with a range of education and training providers that can inform them about approved technical qualifications or apprenticeships.  As an institution we are planning to meet all of the expectations of the Provider Access Policy (Provider Access Legislation - Jan 2023) and are keen to promote all pathways, whether they be technical qualifications or  apprenticeships, without bias giving our young people the knowledge and understanding that they need to make informed and equitable choices.

Careers Programme Overview

Careers year plan provision 2023 24 overview

Southborough High School- Provider Access Policy