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Aspiration, Commitment and Excellence

I love being the headteacher of this school. Not only does the progress we have made over recent years fill me with enormous pride, but I also know that this is a school where staff and students work exceptionally well together. We are a school that is going places!

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Welcome to the Southborough High School website. Ever since we joined the school in 2005, it became apparent that this is a vastly improving, modern school. Academically, our GCSE results have been improving year on year for a number of years, we see Southborough as an institution of excellence of all students here. Here at Southborough the wide variety of staff can cater to every individual’s needs, as at Southborough we are a community of individuals.Our Pastoral support is second to none in terms of dealing with issues that may arise in the education career of the pupils.

As members of the Student Leadership Team (SLT), we hold a central role in the everyday running of school; be it from organising out popular extra-curricular events, talking part in the decision making process, or indeed representing students, voicing their concerns where necessary. We work in a symbiotic relationship with both teachers and pastoral support to deal with arising issues in an appropriate way, and actively take part in events, together. 

Southborough is an innovative, modern school that opens up vast amounts of opportunities for the young adults that study here, right across the board. We are a school that really puts it’s students first and listens to them, as they are the ones that need their voice to be heard most. Students that join here become active members in a diversely interesting society, acquiring a vast range of skill sets, where they will continue to thrive and succeed.

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Latest News

ACE Ultimate Reward Announced

ACE Ultimate Reward Announced

Our Ultimate ACE Reward: A top of the range bike for students that aim for the top! Perhaps the primary...

13 October 2020
In-Person Open Evening

In-Person Open Evening

Mr Smith commented "I was so proud of Southborough’s Open Evening, which took place on Wednesday 30th Septemeber. We worked...

13 October 2020
Healthy Schools Gold Award

Healthy Schools Gold Award

Headteacher Mr Niall Smith : " I am delighted to inform you that Southborough has been awarded the prestigious Healthy...

25 November 2020
Together, Southborough  raised £2000 for 'Movember'

Together, Southborough raised £2000 for 'Movember'

Just over a month ago, at the start of November, five members of Southborough staff - namely Mr Jordan, Mr...

04 December 2020
Christmas Charity Appeals Success

Christmas Charity Appeals Success

Christmas Charity Appeals Success   The Christmas season was, most would agree, an especially hard one for many. Families up...

14 January 2021
Public exams cancellation: Year 11 on BBC Newsnight

Public exams cancellation: Year 11 on BBC Newsnight

Early last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the closure of both primary and secondary schools across England as part...

18 January 2021

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