All devices leased from Stone Computers are provided with protective cases.  The insurance will not be valid unless these are used at all times.

Leased devices are covered by accidental damage & theft insurance.  If you have damaged, lost or had your device stolen you are required to submit a claim to the insurance company (CompuCover) within 14 days of the incident.  In the case of loss by theft you must notify the police and obtain a police crime number.


Before making a claim we encourage you to read the important information, FAQ, policy summary and policy wording pages - links are on the right of this page.

Claim forms can be submitted online or printed out and posted/faxed on completion.  Please follow the instructions on this website.

A claim has to be submitted by the person paying for the lease (i.e. the parent/guardian).  

If you are having any trouble finding any of the required information (e.g. serial number) please contact the school.


Important Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Insurance Policy Summary
Insurance Policy Wording
Make an Insurance Claim

Who do I talk to about the scheme?
If you can't find an answer on the website, please contact Mr Wicking, Deputy Headteacher, at


How do I lease a device?
The signup period opens at selected times during the academic year.  Students and parents will be notified of this via the school office.


How do I make a insurance claim?
Please see the links to the right for further information about insurance claims.


My device doesn't appear to have any physical damage but otherwise isn't working.  What do I do?
Please bring your device to the school IT technicians.  They can make a decision about the nature of the fault and the best way to get it repaired.


Is the lease value for money?
While the lease payments may add up to more than the high street purchase price of the device please consider that the lease includes extended warranty and insurance for the term of the lease.


How do I get the device that I ordered?
The devices will be handed out in school as soon as they are available.  Please see Mr Wicking for any updates.


What do I get with my device?
Each device comes with a case which must be used at all times.


What is covered by the insurance?
Only the electronic device is covered.  Any cases or accessories are not.
The insurance covers accidental damage and theft.  It does not cover loss.


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