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Southborough takes on the School Report challenge!


On the 16th of March Southborough’s outstanding learners took on and conquered the BBC School Report Challenge; it was extremely challenging, however it turned out to be a great success. We finished our reports, filmed it and were grateful for Storm Media, our in-house media production company to edit all of it. Our stories contained one international story, a national story, a local story, one news report on the new GCSE grades and another on Sophie Bray, gold medal winner at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and her visit to Southborough High School earlier in the year.


Maadesh , Karigallen and Faizan.



BBC School Report




Some of the comments from Southborough High School's BBC School Report team

‘It was a great experience, challenging but also fun. It has taught me about how the world of media works and it was a good experience where i will treasure a lot from. It has also taught be about all the aspects of journalism.’

-  Maadesh


‘It was an amazing experience to find out how the BBC processes videos and all information in one day. It was a hard day but we got through it nevertheless’

-  Karigallen


‘The students involved were really dedicated and involved. Everyone took part in the different aspects of the day. It’s been really fun!’

-   Ms. Morkane


“This has been an extraordinary and great event and I have certainly enjoyed today ,learning from filming to Writing and in general the whole day has given a whole new aspect towards journalism”  

-  Rabishana


“It was so much fun! And it gave me an insight of the daily life of a reporter which was really inspirational!”

-  Stanley


“It really immersed me into the field of journalism and media, it was a lot of fun and made my day!”

-  Jasvin

“It was a really incredible experience. You can learn a lot from it.”

-  Ashan


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