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Mr Niall Smith

Role: Headteacher

Qualifications: Master of Arts (Cantab), National Professional Qualification for Headship (N.P.H.Q.)

Teaching Area: English
Email: nsmith@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Mr Brian Burns

Role: Deputy Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), National Professional Qualification for Headship (N.P.Q.H.)

Responsibilities: Teaching & Learning

Teaching Area: Business Studies
Email: bburns@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Daniel Edwards

Role: Senior Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Responsibilities: Pastoral Care & DSL

Teaching Area: PE
Email: dedwards@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr David Sanders

Role: Senior Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Responsibilities; Curriculum & Assessment
E-mail: dsanders@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Alal Haque

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities; Quality of Learning and Head of English Faculty
E-mail: ahaque@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Ms Rebecca Linney

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities; Transition & Head of Year 9
E-mail: rlinney @southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Ian Needs

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities; Head of Sixth Form & Head of History
E-mail: ineeds@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mrs Nataliya Bennett

Role: Business Manager

Responsibilities: Finance & Resources

Email: nbennett@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Teaching Staff


English, Drama & Media Studies

Miriam Glendenning MGL HOS Media Studies mglendenning@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jamie-Lee King JLK HOY 7 jking@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jennifer Mosely JMO English Lead Practitioner jmosely@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Satbir Panesar SBA English Teacher spanesar@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Chloe Parsons CPA HOS Drama/ OL Co-ordinator cparsons@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Astral Roberts ARO English Teacher aroberts@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Amanda Taylor ATA English 2 i/c ataylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Mathematics and Computing

Ian Boakes IBO Maths 2 i/c iboakes@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Rajesh Datta RDA KS5 Maths Co-Ordinator rdatta@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
John Garcia JGR Maths & Engineering Teacher jgarcia@southborough.kingston.sch.uk.
Jeanette Hull JHU KS5 Mathematics jhull@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Amy McIntyre AMI HOF Maths amcintyre@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Daniel Studd DST Maths Teacher dstudd@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Ben Thomas BTH Maths Teacher bthomas@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jane Weller JWE Maths Lead Practitioner jweller@southborough.kingston.sch.uk



Enamul Hassan EHA Science Teacher  ehassan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Shin Lee SLE Acting Science 2i/c slee@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Caroline Hall CHA Science Teacher chall@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
James Morrish JMR Science Teacher jmorrish@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Diego Penagos DPE Science Teacher dpenagos@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Rebecca White RWH HOF Science rwhite@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Darnisha Yuvarajah DYU Science Teacher dyuvurajah@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Rahim Salah RSA Science Teacher rsalah@southborough.kingston.sch.uk



Meghan Brannigan MBR History Teacher mbrannigan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Ryan Carter RCA Geography Teacher rcarter@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jemima Fox JFO History Teacher jfox@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Matthew Iles MIL RE & Criminology Teacher miles@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Kola Okolo KKL HOS Geography kokolo@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Modern Foreign Languages 

Alexandra Banks ABA HOY 8 / MFL abanks@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Natasha Coen NCO MFL / English / Deputy Head of Sixth Form ncoen@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Johnson DJO HOF MFL djohnson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk



Sarah Cole SCE Engineering & Technology Teacher scole@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Depen Fatania DFA Engineering & Maths Teacher dfatania@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Darren Sowerbutts DSO Head of Engineering dsowerbutts@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Gary Swinchin Rew GSR HOS ICT/ PSHE Co-Ordinator/ CCF gswinchinrew@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Karl Nicholas KNI Engineering / Assistant SENCO / HOY 10 knicholas@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Christina Andreou JGR HOS Business Studies candreou@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Music & Art

Robert Bagley RBG Art & Engineering Teacher rbagley@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Kate Geering KGE HOY 11  / Art / Careers Co-ordinator kgeering@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Morgan DMO HOF Music & Art dmorgan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Stephanie Crea SCR HOS Music  screa@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Physical Education

Rhys Boorman RBO PE & PsychologyTeacher rboorman@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
James Colbert JCO HOF PE jcolbert@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Daniel Grinstead DGR PE Teacher dgrinstead@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Chris Jordan CJO PE / D of E Co-Ordinator cjordan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk



Jenni Lee-Potter JPO Inclusion Manager / SENCO jleepotter@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Support Staff:


Pastoral Support Team

Dawn Ball DBA PSO KS4 / Cover Supervisor dball@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Hilda Bellamy HBE School Counseller hbellamy@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Karen Clements KCL PSO KS3 / Cover Supervisor kclements@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Eljai Morais EMO Learning Mentor emorais@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Samuel Taylor STY Learning Facilitator  samtaylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sue Taylor STA Sicth Form Support Officer / BTEC Quality Nominee staylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Charlotte Gibson CGI Cover Supervisor cgibson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Paul Da Costa PDA Learning Mentor pdacosta@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Teaching Assistants

Barry Collins BCO Teaching Assistant bcollins@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Irene Dalmedo IDA Teaching Assistant idalmedo@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Karen Gregory KGR Teaching Assistant kgregory@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sylwia Jezyk SJE Teaching Assistant sjezyk@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Roger Manning RMA Teaching Assistant rmanning@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Naumann DNA Teaching Assistant dnaumann@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Trudy Pollicott TPO Senior Teaching Assistant tpollicott@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Petra Sameri PSM Teaching Assistant psameri@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Thiluxian Suthakaran TSU Teaching Assistant tsuthakaran@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Julie Tyson JTY Teaching Assistant jtyson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Mojgan Zaman-nia MZA Teaching Assistant mzamannia@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Site Team

Elizabeth Argent EAR Cleaner eargent@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Bob Hawken RHA Site Manager bhawken@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Leszek Lisiecki LLI Cleaner llisiecki@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Daniel Nice DNI Assistant Site Manager dnice@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Curriculum Support Team

Sam Coulson SCL Senior Science Technician scoulson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Elaine Donnelly EDO Reprographics Assistant edonnelly@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Stephen Eacott SEA Activities Facilitator seacott@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
James Humphrey JHU Librarian jhumphrey@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Loobna Najeeb LNA Exams Officer / Data Manager lnajeeb@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Vineeta Shukla VSH Curriculum Support Assistant (Science & Food) vshukla@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Patricia Thorne PTH Curriculum Support Assistant (Art & Engineering) tthorne@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Administration & Finance

Alexandra Desai ADE Attendance / Admin Officer adesai@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sarah Humphreys SHU PA to SLT shumphrey@southborough.kingston.sch.uk 
Clare Loveday CLO Finance Officer cloveday@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Nikki Mead NME Receptionist  
Sarah Oliphant MOT PA to Head / Office Manager soliphant@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Anthony Smith ASM Administrator/ Website Manager asmith@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

GOVERNORS (Directors)




Current Governors (and information):
Name: Category:                                                                                               Pecuniary/
Business Interests:
No. of Meetings Attended
during the period
September 2019 - August 2020
Michael Armstrong                        Community Governor
Curriculum & Achievement Committee
(17.09.18 – 17.09.22)
6 out of possible 11
Sampa Bhasin Community Governor
Curriculum & Achievement Committee
(25.01.15 – 25.01.19)
(26.01.19 – 26.01.23)
10 out of possible 11
 Trudy Church

Parent Governor
Resources, Personnel & Finance Committee
(17.10.19 - 17.10.22)

 8 out of possible 9
Malcolm Gregory Parent Governor Vice Chair of Governors
Children, Families and Community Committee (Chair)
(13.07.16 – 13.07.20)

(14.7.20 - 14.7.24)
Spouse is employee of the Academy 10 out of possible 11
Clare Henderson                          Community Governor Chair of Governors
All Committees
(01.09.17 – 01.09.21)
England Handball Association - Director 10 out of possible 11
Robin Kent Co-opted Governor
Curriculum & Achievement Committee (Vice Chair)
(19.07.16 – 19.07.20)
(20.7.20 - 20.7.24)
Unity Schools Trust –
Business and Enterprise advisor – St. Paul’s School
10 out of possible 11
Jamie-Lee King

Staff Governor
Curriculum & Achievement Committee
(14.04.16 – 14.04.20) - re-election delayed because of Coronavirus Covid19

Employed by the Academy 9 out of possible 11
Paul Maguire Community Governor
Children, Famiulies & Community Committee
(02.01.19 - 02.01.23)
10 out of possible 11
Tim Neale Community Governor
Children, Families and Community Committee (02.01.19 – 02.01.23)
10 out of possible 11
Michael Rose Parent Governor
Resources, Personnel & Finance Committee (14.05.18 – 14.05.22)
11 out of possible 11
Niall Smith Headteacher (ex Oficio)
Resources, Personnel & Finance Committee - SLT
Headteacher 11 out of possible 11
Bob Steed Community Governor
Children, Families and Community Committee (01.08.17 – 01.08.21)
8 out of possible 11
Jonathan Walters Parent Governor
Resources, Personnel & Finance Committee (12.03.19 – 12.03.23
9 out of possible 11
Rebecca White Staff Governor
Children, Families and Community Committee (13.11.17 – 13.11.21)
11 out of possible 11
Ex Governors:
Junaid Kazi

Community Governor
Curriculum & Achievement Committee(19.07.16 – 19.07.20)

6 out of possible 8
Fred Houwen

Parent Governor
Children, Families and Community Committee
(13.11.18 – 13.11.22)

6 out of possible 7

The Academy Articles of Association document can be found here.

Anyone wishing to contact the Governors can do so via the Clerk, Mrs N Bell (nbell@southborough.kingston.sch.uk)



The Library provides a place where students can access learning independently, to carry out research, pursue personal interests, do homework, study or read quietly.  It has a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, networked computers with internet access and many other resources.  All curriculum areas make extensive use of these facilities.  Students are expected to respect the Library, and to behave in a responsible manner so as not to disturb others.  


The Library is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:10pm.

The after school homework club is well attended by students and runs every Monday - Friday until 4:10pm.

The Library is open at lunchtimes for use by students.

A booking system operates for the use of computers. A reading group for Year 7 and 8 is held in the Library every other Wednesday lunchtime, commencing at 12:45pm. Sessions are run by staff from Kingston libraries.



  • Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and to not disturb others.
  • Any damaged or lost items must be paid for.
  • Food, drink and chewing gum are forbidden in the Library.


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