Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Funding

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support Year 7 students who did not achieve the expected standard in Reading or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2).

Early intervention and the development of Literacy is a focus of the school this year; it is a priority as identified in the School Improvement Plan. Many pupils have reading ages significantly below their chronological ages. The school has a clear strategy for raising the profile of literacy and, as a result, the standards. It has a ‘Whole School Reading’ scheme for all pupils which runs alongside the Accelerated Reader programme in Years 7-9. Several members of staff also have ‘Literacy’ as a key focus for professional development, whilst we also have a dedicated Literacy Coordinator. Literacy and Numeracy development are also a key part of the tutor time programme and staff have a clear understanding of their importance. Pupils who have not made the expected progress when they arrive in Y7 are immediately identified and, subsequently, their profiles are shared with all members of staff.

There are 26 pupils below the expected standard in reading and 10 pupils below the expected standard in Mathematics, whilst there are 22 pupils below the expected standard in both. The school has received £10,939 for the catch-up premium.


The expected impact will be for all pupils in this group to make progress towards the expected standard in English and Mathematics.

Please find below the Year 7 Catch Up Premium Improvement Plan.

Year 7 Catch Up Premium Improvement Plan.

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