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Dear Parents/Carers and other stakeholders,

Proposed changes to Admission Arrangements for entry in September 2023

In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2021, Southborough High School is currently consulting on the admission arrangements for entry in September 2023. Please find our draft admission arrangements attached.

PDF Admissions Policy September 2023 Entry - Draft.


The consultation period lasts from Wednesday, 10th December 2021  to Wednesday 21st  January 2022.

Responses must be received by Wednesday 26th  January. In your response, please include your full name, title and contact details. Responses can be sent by email to office@southborough.kingston.sch.uk or post to Admissions Consultation, Southborough High School, Hook Road, Surbiton KT6 5AS.

The proposed changes are highlighted on the attached Draft Admissions Policy. In summary, the main proposed changes are:

Purpose The Standard Number for each year group in Years 7 to 11 is 150. There is no Standard Number for the Sixth Form. 

Practice for admissions to Year 7

 1. Children with Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) which choose Southborough High school will be allocated a place before other applicants are considered. In this way, the number of places to be offered will be reduced by the number of children with EHCP. Children with EHCP that names Southborough High school and who arrive outside the normal admission round will be admitted to the school even if the school is oversubscribed.


Yours faithfully,

Niall Smith


Here you will find direct feedback the school has received from our local community on what they have to say about our students and our school. This feedback comes from our local residents, guests and visitors, police officers, bus drivers, local business owners and many more members of the general public…..




Mr Niall SmithMr N Smith Smith

Role: Headteacher

Qualifications: Master of Arts (Cantab), National Professional Qualification for Headship (N.P.Q.H.)

Responsibilities: Strategy & Culture

Teaching Area: English
Email: nsmith@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Brian BurnsBrian Burns

Role: Deputy Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), National Professional Qualification for Headship (N.P.Q.H.)

Responsibilities: Quality Assurance

Teaching Area: Business Studies
Email: bburns@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Daniel EdwardsDan Edwards

Role: Senior Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Responsibilities: Pastoral Care & DSL

Teaching Area: PE
Email: dedwards@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Mr Alal HaqueAlal Haque

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities: Curriculum
E-mail: ahaque@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Ms Rebecca LinneyRebecca Linney Sept 16

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities: Quality of Learning & Head of Year 11
E-mail: rlinney@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Ian NeedsIan Needs

Role: Assistant Headteacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (Honours)

Responsibilities; Head of Sixth Form & Head of Subject History
E-mail: ineeds@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Mrs Nataliya BennettNataliya Bennett

Role: Business Manager

Responsibilities: Finance & Resources
Email: nbennett@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Teaching Staff

English, Drama & Media Studies

Aisha Bashir ABS English Teacher abashir@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Chloe Conn CCN HOS Drama and Literacy Co-ordinator  cparsons@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Miriam Glendenning       MGL HOS Media Studies mglendenning@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jamie-Lee King JLK English Teacher and HOY 9 jking@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Satbir Panesar SBA English Teacher spanesar@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Zahraa Salloo ZSA HOF English zsalloo@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Amanda Taylor ATA English 2 i/c ataylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Nathalie Audouin-Leighton NAU HOF Mathematics  naudouin-leighton@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Ian Boakes IBO Maths Teacher and Exams Officer iboakes@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
John Garcia JGR

Maths Teacher

Rustom Parekh RPA Maths Teacher rparekh@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Michel Rubini MRB Maths Teacher mrubini@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jane Weller JWE Maths Teacher and Data Analyst jweller@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Gregory Woods GWO Mathematics 2i/c & Lead Practitioner gwoods@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Caroline Hall CHA Science Teacher  chall@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Shin Lee SLE Head of Key Stage 4 Science  mlee@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Chelsea Litchfield CLC Science Teacher  clitchfield@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Diego Penagos DPE Science Teacher dpenagos@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Punter DPU Science Teacher and School Mental Health Lead dpunter@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Rebecca White RWH HOF Science rwhite@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Darnisha Yuvarajah DYU Head of Key Stage 3 Science dyuvarajah@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Meghan Brannigan MBR History Teacher and Outstanding Learner Co-ordinator mbrannigan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jemima Fox JFO History Teacher and HOS Religious Studies and Outstanding Learner Co-ordinator jfox@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Claire Harrington CHR HOF Humanities charrington@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Scott Howe SHO Geography Teacher showe@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Matthew Iles MIL Religious Studies & Criminology Teacher miles@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jenna Macdonald JMC Psychology Teacher jmacdonald@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Modern Foreign Languages 

Alexandra Banks ABA MFL Teacher and HOY 10 and Assistant Head of Inclusion abanks@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Natasha Coen NCO MFL Teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form and EPQ Co-ordinator ncoen@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Johnson DJO HOF MFL djohnson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Christina Andreou CAN HOS Business Studies candreou@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Depen Fatania DFA 2i/c Engineering dfatania@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Claudia Melo CME Business Studies cmelo@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jenny Lee Potter JPO Engineering Teacher jpotter@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Darren Sowerbutts DSO HOF Engineering dsowerbutts@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Gary Swinchin Rew GSR HOS ICT and PDT Co-ordinator and CCF gswinchinrew@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Music & Art

Robert Bagley RBG Art & Engineering Teacher rbagley@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Kate Geering KGE HOY 8 and Art Teacher kgeering@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Morgan DMO HOF Music & Art dmorgan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Vee Yendoll VYE HOS Music  vyendoll@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Physical Education

James Colbert JCO HOF PE jcolbert@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Daniel Grinstead DGR PE Teacher and HOY 7 dgrinstead@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Chris Jordan CJO PE Teacher and D of E Co-ordinator cjordan@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Samuel Taylor STY PE Teacher samtaylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk


Karl Nicholas KNI Head of Inclusion and SENDCO knicholas@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Support Staff:

Pastoral Support Team

Dawn Ball DBA Pastoral Support Officer and Cover Supervisor dball@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Karen Clements KCL Pastoral Support Officer and Cover Supervisor kclements@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Paul Da Costa PDC Learning Mentor pdacosta@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Julie Tyson JTY Pastoral Support Officer and Cover Supervisor jtyson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Learning Support Team

Mirka Benkova MBE Teaching Assistant mbenkova@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Amy Bullen ABU Teaching Assistant abullen@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Barry Collins BCO Teaching Assistant bcollins@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Tayyaba Dar TDA Teaching Assistant tdar@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Hayley Goldsmith HGO Teaching Assistant hgoldsmith@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sylwia Jezyk SJE Learning Facilitator sjezyk@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Roger Manning RMA Teaching Assistant rmanning@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
David Naumann DNA Learning Facilitator dnaumann@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Trudy Pollicott TPO Senior Teaching Assistant tpollicott@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Andrew Robson ARB Teaching Assistant arobson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Petra Sameri PSM EAL Coordinator psameri@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Krisztina Solyomne Mohacsi KMO Teaching Assistant kmohacsi@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Mojgan Zaman-nia MZA Teaching Assistant mzaman-nia@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Site Team

Elizabeth Argent EAR Cleaner eargent@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Bob Hawken RHA Site Manager bhawken@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Leszek Lisiecki LLI Cleaner llisiecki@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Daniel Nice DNI Assistant Site Manager dnice@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Curriculum Support Team

Sam Coulson SCL Senior Science Technician scoulson@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Stephen Eacott SEA Activities Facilitator seacott@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Allison Hensman AHE Librarian ahensman@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Jane Pierce JPI Exams Officer jpierce@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Vineeta Shukla VSH Curriculum Support Assistant (Science & Food) vshukla@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Patricia Thorne PTH Curriculum Support Assistant (Art & Engineering) pthorne@southborough.kingston.sch.uk

Administration & Finance

Nichola Bell NBE Clerk to Governors and Teaching Assistant nbell@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Charlotte Conlon CCO PA to Headteacher cconlon@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Alexandra Desai ADE Attendance Officer and Admininstrator adesai@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sarah Humphreys SHU Office Manager shumphreys@southborough.kingston.sch.uk 
Clare Loveday CLO Finance Officer cloveday@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Nikki Mead NME Receptionist and Administrator and Assistant Exams Officer nmead@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Anthony Smith ASM Administrator and Website Manager asmith@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
Sue Taylor STA Marketing & Recruitment Officer /BTEC Quality Nominee staylor@southborough.kingston.sch.uk
 as at 9th October 2022

Questions and queries

If you are not able to catch your child's class teacher either at the beginning or end of the school day to answer questions or queries, or if the information you are seeking involves applications to the school, the payment of school meals or uniform, then your point of call will be the school office. The school's administration staff will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible. They will be able to answer many questions instantly but if this is not possible, they will endeavour to ring you back the same day with the correct information.

The school can also be contacted via this contact page on the school's website. Incoming e- mails directed to office@southborough.kingston.sch.uk are all sent to a member of the office staff on duty who then sends them to the most appropriate person within the school to deal with your query. Again, we will endeavour to answer your queries as quickly as possible but please allow two to three days for queries to be answered in this manner. You may use the form located at the bottom of the school’s Home Page to send more detailed written information.

Upon request, a paper copy of specified information on this website can be made available free of charge.


020 8391 4324

Fax number: 

020 8391 0177

Email address: 



Southborough High School
Hook Road

If driving and using Sat Nav, please use KT6 5AR as our postcode. 


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