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Pastoral support officers at Southborough High School

Who are the PSOs?

Southborough High School was one of the first schools within the borough of Kingston to introduce the role of the Pastoral Support Officer (PSO). Over the past years our role within the pastoral area has evolved. However, our main focus is to support the day to day welfare of our students; thus promoting their learning.

Mrs Clements  KS3 PSO and Cover Supervisor 
Mr Da Costa Learning Mentor 
Mrs Ball KS4 PSO and Cover Supervisor
Ms Morais Learning Mentor
Mr Taylor Learning Facilitator
Mrs Taylor Sixth Form Support Officer
Ms Bellamy School Counsellor


What do we do?

We work in partnership with the school and home. Generally, we will be involved in communicating any issues to the relevant staff member or parent/carer. Working closely with the Head of Year and tutors, we monitor students' attendance and punctuality, personal organisation and conduct within school time.

We are the first contact with home if any concerns arise within these areas and at the same time are the first contact point for any concerns parents/carers may have.

As PSOs, we have no timetabled commitments thus allowing us to respond quickly to any concerns raised by pupil, home or school. We also enjoy the rewards side of student achievement and play an active part in organising and being part of school trips.

How are we perceived?

We would like to see ourselves as welcoming and caring members of the school to both students and parents/carers and believe either group are confident to approach us however small they may feel the issue is. As an integral part of the pastoral structure we are here to ensure that school is a happy experience for each and every student which will lead to more productive learning.

"Inspectors found that as a result of leaders’ work, disadvantaged pupils receive more bespoke additional support than in the past.

Accurate identification of those pupils who would benefit from close mentoring has resulted in increased progress for these pupils.

Leaders are precise in their evaluation of these strategies and as a result disadvantaged pupils receive tailored support."



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