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Centre policy 

Letter to parents - Department for Education advice concerning face coverings November 2021

Letter to students and parents – Awarding of GCSE, AS, A-Level and Vocational Qualifications – Summer 2021

Presentation to students and parents - Awarding of GCSE, AS, A-Level and Vocational Qualifications – Summer 2021

Video presentation to students and parents with further information and explanation:


Letter from the Headteacher with Updated Arrangements for Reopening - Monday 8th March 2021 

What To Do If...   Supporting information  for parents

Remote Education Provision 2020/21

COVID 19 - Catch Up Premium Action Plan 2020/21  

Southborough High School_COVID19_Risk Assessment July 2021

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Message from the Headteacher

Partial Onsite Provision Yr 10

Partial Onsite Provision Yr 12


Message from the Headteacher

Coronavirus Advice to All Parents/Carers

Letter from the Headteacher about updated arrangements for the Autumn Term 2020

 W/C Monday 13 July 2020: Home Learning Arrangements Y7-10

W/C Monday 6 July 2020: Home Learning Arrangements Y12

Remote Learning Guidelines for Parents and Students - Summer Term 2020

Letter Regarding GCSE and A Level Examinations 2020

Letter to 6th Form Applicants (current Southborough High School students)

Letter to 6th Form Applicants (external applicants)






Should we keep up a ‘school-like’ routine at home?

Yes. Keeping a daily routine, maintaining some form of exercise, and making time for reading all have significant benefits to mental health and well-being. We would strongly encourage you to stick to the Remote Learning Arrangements daily schedule, and where possible, work alongside your child. For example, if you are working from home then set up a desk where you can both work independently, but together. The sooner you establish routines, the more effective they will be. Also, do remember that you, as a parent or carer not only are, but always have been, and will be, your son’s main educator: the example you set will have a massive impact.


How will learning activities and opportunities be communicated?

“Learning” is often termed “work” in schools, which is fairly understandable, but our Remote Learning Arrangements represent an opportunity to redefine our terms. Thinking of, and referring to, “work” as “learning”, enables us to consider WHY we are doing what we are doing. This is important, because your sons will not fully engage in tasks which seem to have no meaning or purpose.

Learning activities will be posted on Classcharts. 


What if school is closed for a very long period of time?

We firmly believe it is important that all students are supported and encouraged to keep up their studies, but appreciate that this will become increasingly challenging the longer the period out of school is. The best way to maintain it in the medium to long term is to introduce a daily schedule from day one so that this becomes your family’s ‘new normal’. 

We are continually reviewing the situation and will provide updates for parents and students as and when the guidance we are being given by the government changes.


My son / daughter was due to sit GCSE or A-Level exams this summer, what is going to happen?

The public examinations will not now take place. In terms of the grades awarded, the broad solution will be teacher assessment, but we are still awaiting specific, detailed guidance on this matter. In the meantime, please refer to my letter. Whatever happens, I can assure you that Southborough is 100% committed to ensuring that all students are awarded the recognition they deserve.

Department for Education FAQs on examinations:

Important Update from OFQUAL for all GCSE, AS and A level students this summer.


How can I motivate my child?

There are two forms of motivation: Extrinsic and Intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation is when an external person or authority provides motivation. Drill Sergeant, Coach, Mentor and, sometimes, teacher: these people provide extrinsic motivation. “Carrot and Stick” is extrinsic motivation in a nutshell. 

Intrinsic motivation comes from within a person: it is internally generated. Put simply, it means doing something because you want to. The craft of the teacher lies in getting young people to do things because they, themselves, want to. As W. B. Yeats put it: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Intrinsic motivation is more powerful than extrinsic motivation and you need to bear this in mind. The way to encourage intrinsic motivation is to focus on the purpose of the learning activity in hand. Start with “why”, not “what”.

You will note, of course, that younger students need more extrinsic motivation than older ones. This is because they are more children than young adults. The reverse is also true (although it may sometimes seem as if it is not!)

Good luck!


I am incredibly proud of my child, they have really risen to the challenge, what can I do?

Let us know! We want to hear about all the positives so that we can share them amongst our community on these pages and on social media – this is an excellent way of motivating each other. Encourage them to contact their subject teacher, Form Tutor or Head of Year (or the Headteacher) with a copy of the work or a photo of themselves with the work with a short description if appropriate.


My child has special educational needs, how will they be supported?

Where possible, we are offering continued in school support for all students with EHC Plans. Where we are permitted to by the government, the school will remain open for these students.

The SENCO and each of Teaching Assistants have been allocated a number of students to try and support over the coming weeks and months – they will endeavour to maintain contact with your son to offer support and guidance.

However, as I am sure you will appreciate, it is not easy to support the students remotely and at times, due to personal circumstances, they may not be available to do this. Your child will need additional support from you or another adult / older sibling so that they can access the work.

If you have any issues during a school closure then please contact our SENCO -


Safeguarding at Home

We continue to have a duty of care for all our students and will also continue to keep supporting our parents/carers the best we can. We intend to do this by:

Where possible, offering continued in school support for all vulnerable students with safeguarding needs. Where we are permitted to by the government, the school will remain open for these students who are most at risk.Weekly contact by the form tutor to all vulnerable students and their families during a school closure to continue offering our support.On a regular basis, all students will be contacted directly to complete a student welfare/wellbeing questionnaire which will be monitored closely by the designated safeguarding team. Additional advice and support given directly to all students and parents/carers on online safety, mental health and wellbeing during a school closure.Online support on all safeguarding issues/concerns available through the schools online safeguarding service, CareNet (on school website).

Crucial support and intervention such as counselling and ELSA support will continue for our most vulnerable. This intervention will continue, as agreed by students and parents, either in school or directly over the telephone. Continue to support students and parents/carers through partner external agencies. ‘Your healthcare - KU19’ continues to provide Southborough High School students and parents/carers with daily support on mental, social and physical health (including COVID-19). Kooth, which is a free online counselling service for any student at Southborough is also available all day everyday during  the closure.Clear information is given to students and parents (and on our website)   on how and who to contact if a safeguarding issue arises. These details can also be seen below:

Designated Safeguarding Lead -
Deputy Safeguarding Lead -
Designated Safeguarding Governor -

COVID-19 Addendum to Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


Student and Parent Support on COVID -19 -

Advice on dealing with school closure during COVID-19 -

Guidance and support about Online Bullying & Online safety -

Support and Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing -

Information and support on different aspects of mental health and wellbeing -

An educational resource for all adults on children and young people’s mental health -

Videos with tips on gaining confidence, dealing with anxiety and coping strategies from other young people -


Information about domestic abuse and support services - 


CORONAVIRUS: RESOURCES FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING TOOLKIT #1 -In this toolkit you will find: a booklet to support schools, videos to provide practical guidance and tips to schools, parents and carers about coronavirus (COVID-19) and mental health, activities to ease anxiety that can be done at school or at home and other helpful advice, helplines and resources for adults and children. Toolkit 1

CORONAVIRUS: RESOURCES FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING TOOLKIT #2 -  A free toolkit with resources and tips to help support the mental health and wellbeing of school staff, parents, carers and children Toolkit 2

CORONAVIRUS: RESOURCES FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING TOOLKIT #3 - It includes resources for school staff, as well as parents, to use with vulnerable children or children with SEND, a resource from Stonewall for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a resource pack for staff wellbeing and practical activities for adults and children to help stay mentally well during this time - Toolkit 3

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