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Aspiration, Commitment and Excellence

I love being the headteacher of this school. Not only does the progress we have made over recent years fill me with enormous pride, but I also know that this is a school where staff and students work exceptionally well together. We are a school that is going places!

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Password Change

Staff and students can change their password by clicking here. See below for instructions on how to change your password.



The username you enter is not the same as the one you enter to login into the school network or your emails. Instead you have to add .314 to end of your username. For example, if you username is jsmith1, when chaging your password, in the username box, you'd put jsmith1.314.



This field should speak for itself, enter your current password that you have.



In this field, enter your new password and underneath type it out again in the "Repeat new password" field.

After that, click the "Change" button and it will take 5 minutes to change at school, please note, it is not instant.


Also, please note that your password has been changed for the following websites/services:

  • School User Account
  • Email Account
  • Fronter
  • All other London Grid for Learning services

Latest News

ACE Ultimate Reward Announced

ACE Ultimate Reward Announced

Our Ultimate ACE Reward: A top of the range bike for students that aim for the top! Perhaps the primary...

13 October 2020
In-Person Open Evening

In-Person Open Evening

Mr Smith commented "I was so proud of Southborough’s Open Evening, which took place on Wednesday 30th Septemeber. We worked...

13 October 2020
Healthy Schools Gold Award

Healthy Schools Gold Award

Headteacher Mr Niall Smith : " I am delighted to inform you that Southborough has been awarded the prestigious Healthy...

25 November 2020
Together, Southborough  raised £2000 for 'Movember'

Together, Southborough raised £2000 for 'Movember'

Just over a month ago, at the start of November, five members of Southborough staff - namely Mr Jordan, Mr...

04 December 2020
Christmas Charity Appeals Success

Christmas Charity Appeals Success

Christmas Charity Appeals Success   The Christmas season was, most would agree, an especially hard one for many. Families up...

14 January 2021
Public exams cancellation: Year 11 on BBC Newsnight

Public exams cancellation: Year 11 on BBC Newsnight

Early last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the closure of both primary and secondary schools across England as part...

18 January 2021

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