BBC School Report 2018

Southborough Students Rise to BBC News School Report Challenge

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The BBC News School Report is a project that gives 11-16 year old students in the UK the chance to make their own news to real deadlines and broadcast it to real audiences. Last year more than 1,000 schools across the UK took part – the biggest ever take up on record. This year, Southborough’s Head of Media Mr Botha, English Teacher Ms Morkane and History Teacher Miss Lamb, were all determined that Southborough High School was to get involved once again this year.

Preparation began as early as January, when the students regularly met up to learn more about media and journalism. In order to take part in this exciting project, the school had to build a web page dedicated to the BBBC News School Report, onto which they would then post all their report footage and link it to the BBC website.

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The project was opened up to anyone who was interested and the lead members of staff were delighted to see such interest in the project. The students spent time researching both interesting and topical stories which caught their eye and brain-stormed ideas that they could cover themselves for ‘the BBC News School Report deadline date of Thursday 15th March.  Organised in groups, students got the chance to explore their individual talents and choose which roles to take on board, whether it was to present, report, research or help behind the scenes.

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The team of Year 7 – 9 learners worked hard to produce a wide range of interesting and diverse stories, including International, National and local stories. Two representatives from the BBC School Report Team – namely Matthew Orton (8MRU) and Laugihan Sivakuhan (7HBS) spoke briefly to the Griffin about their experiences working on the project.

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Laugihan Sivakuhan explained that he particularly enjoyed the research side of things as he found that he learnt so much about so many interesting topics. He also agreed that he felt proud of being part of the team. “Everyone played their part. No one wanted to let anyone down” he said.

Matthew Orton told The Griffin Reporter how the team focused on the recent, very sad death of the brilliant physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawkins. They also reviewed the school’s recent fabulous co-production of the musical show Oliver! with Tolworth Girls School and the soon to be released Peter Rabbit film, with James Cordon providing the voice of Peter.                                      

Sixth Form Media Team ‘Storm’ was on-hand throughout to film the students and then work with the Lead Teachers ‘back in the studio’ to  ensure that  the footage was edited properly and in plenty of time to meet the BBC deadline.

Every single student played their part extremely well on the day and they all agreed that the experience had been a hugely interesting and valuable one. A HUGE well done to all the boys who took part:

Dylan Dowell, Ubaid Khan, Ammar Mouharan, Laugihan Sivakuhan, Brandon Andersen, Kirin Mitchell, Seb Chang, Ciaran Creaser, Lucas Dinnin, Joe Tassell, Matthew Orton, Adam Calaminus, Sandeshwar Thangamuthu and Ashan Sethran.

Sixth Form ‘STORM’ Media Team: Keldon Israel, Charlie Pearce and Mehmet Aker.

And also a BIG thank you to Mr Botha, Ms Morkane and Miss Lamb for all their support and guidance, the Southborough IT Team for creating the special web page and making sure the footage reached the BBC in time and well done once more to Sixth Form Media Team, who did such an amazing job of filming and editing the boys work.


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