What is Outstanding Learning?

 What is Outstanding Learning?

Art & Music- To be an Outstanding Learner in Art & Music you must demonstrate an exceptional level of commitment and independence to refining your skill whilst exploring new techniques and processes to develop new ideas for your own responses and compositions.

Business Studies- In Business Studies, outstanding learning is, witnessed by developing attitudes and transferable skills that will equip you for the increasingly complex business world in which we live in and facilitate an environment where you are informed and confident consumers, employees and entrepreneurs.

Design and Technology- In Design and Technology, outstanding learning is, witnessed by developing your curiosity, inquisitiveness, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Drama- In Drama, outstanding learning is demonstrated through an ability to perform confidently, a hardworking approach, an enthusiasm to learn and being unafraid to try. Outstanding learning may also be displayed through a passion for theatre evidenced in a drama club in and/or out of school.

 English- In English, Outstanding Learning is demonstrated through articulate verbal communication, fluent and expressive reading and clear and confident writing. An outstanding learner in English is a Critical thinker with an insatiable desire for knowledge and understanding of the spaces they occupy.

Geography- In Geography, outstanding learning is demonstrated through a detailed understanding of the processes and interactions between people and the environments and by being ambitious, committed and resilient learners.

History- In History, outstanding learning is shown through the ability to think critically and to assess historical evidence; to be able to use a variety of sources to collect information about the past and through the development of socially responsible and informed attitudes.

ICT- In Information Computer Technology, outstanding learning is, witnessed by developing attitudes and transferable skills that will equip you for the changing digital world.

Maths- In maths, outstanding learning is thinking hard, making connections between concepts, applying approaches in context, asking sensible questions and being able to articulate strategies and procedures to others.

Media- Outstanding learning in Creative Media is where a student can analyse a media product to a substantial depth, plan for creating a media product to industry standard and then gain and apply their skills to create an industry standard product They would also have the abiility to critique and review the process to ensure the best outcome for any future 'client'.

MFL- An outstanding learner in MFL practises what they have learned in the classroom in the real world. They have the courage to ask for the bill in a restaurant, ask the way or engage a native speaker in conversation. They understand that what they are learning in the classroom is just the beginning of their language learning.  They are always looking to learn new words and phrases in their own time and try them out with others. 

PE- In Physical Education outstanding learning is the ability to engage, participate and excel in a number of different sports and to show a high level of physical fitness. As well as physical skills and fitness the ability to work as a team; lead a team; communicate to others are all also essential qualities. An outstanding learner in PE will play competitive sport at school and club level, often in a number of different sports and will look to guide and coach others.
● Representing 3 or more teams in KS3
● Playing competitive sport outside of school
● County level in 1 sport (overrides other criteria)
● Predicted 70% in 3 practical sports and predicted 7 overall
● Exceptions if represent county/country sport (again overrides other criteria)

Religious Studies- Outstanding learners demonstrate and coherently express detailed knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, teachings and practices of the six world religions. In both Key Stages 3 and 4, outstanding learners can also evidence in detail an appreciation of the application of beliefs and teachings to contemporary moral issues. Being able to express with clarity a comparison between religions in relation to moral issues, identifies the most able in any cohort.​

Science- Outstanding learning in Science is demonstrated by deep subject knowledge and the ability to link concepts together; being able to communicate these ideas is crucial and often the difference between getting the fame and recognition or not... (We've all heard of Thomas Edison but probably not Joseph Swan, the first designer of the lightbulb!)

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