At Southborough High School we have high expectations of our boys and endeavor to encourage them by means of a reward structure.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9) the rewards are centered around the merit system.  Merits can be given by any member of staff.  In Key Stage 4 pupils are rewarded with Good News Postcards and KS4 Lottery.  The focus is to reward and praise students linked towards Southborough High School’s ‘ACE’ vision: Aspiration, Commitment & Excellence.  


Other Rewards:

  • Form Captain/Vice Captain
  • Student of the Term
  • Rewards Trip
  • Letter/email Home
  • Merit & End of year trips
  • Prize Giving Evening
  • ‘ACE’ awards
  • Effort Ladder Certificate  
  • Bentalls Vouchers 


Code of Conduct:

We have a code of conduct which makes clear how we should behave in our community. It has the following aims: 

  • To allow all pupils to learn in safety and security;
  • To support teaching and learning in the classroom;
  • To foster respect for others, for property and the environment;
  • To encourage honesty, trust, fairness, tolerance and compassion;
  • To encourage and develop self-discipline and self-respect.

If pupils follow our Code they will be helping to create a positive and supportive learning environment in which everyone can be successful and have their achievements recognised and rewarded.

If pupils break our Code they should be prepared to accept the consequences.


Lesson Conduct:

At all times we expect our students to follow the:

 Southborough 4Rs

  1. Have the Right equipment

  2. Have the Right attitude

  3. Respect yourself and others

  4. Respect your environment

Pupils have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach. All pupils must respect the rights of others and follow these simple routines and rules:


  • Arrive on time
  • Enter/Leave classrooms calmly and quietly
  • Take out equipment and be ready to learn
  • Bags placed on the floor
  • Follow instructions without question
  • Allow teachers to teach without distraction
  • Allow others to learn without distraction 


School Conduct:

All pupils and staff have the right to learn and work in a clean and tidy environment where everyone feels safe and secure.

All pupils should follow these rules and demonstrate courtesy and respect to others at all times:

  • Keep to the left on stairs and in corridors
  • Walk calmly.Coats are not to be worn in the building – place in lockers or in bags
  • Chewing gum is not to be brought to school
  • Food may only be eaten in the designated areas 



There will be occasions when it is necessary to impose sanctions on pupils for misdemeanours.  Often a member of staff will require a pupil to report to them after school for 10-15 minutes to discuss unacceptable behaviour.  In more serious cases further sanctions can be issued such as detentions (45 minutes), extended detentions (1 hour 15 minutes), community service, Saturday Headteacher detentions (2 hours), internal exclusions and fixed term exclusions. 

In line with DFE guidelines, Southborough operates a ‘no notice’ detention system.

If the 4Rs are not adhered to, pupils will be placed in a detention on the same day.  If homework is not completed, pupils will be placed in a homework detention on the same day.

There are, of course, further sanctions that the school may take in the case of very serious incidents.



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