Maths01fwMathematics is an exciting and beautiful subject! It’s interconnectedness means that each topic you cover will build on and link to numerous previous topics. Aside from the beauty in this, there are also benefits as each topic includes revision on previous topics.

The Maths Faculty at Southborough is built upon its relationships with the students it teaches. Excellent relationships between staff and students enable us to contribute to the school’s key values of aspiration, commitment and excellence. Every student is encouraged to achieve in maths and no student is turned away when help is sought. 

Continued achievement and future improvement rests on our ability to develop students’ understanding, application and retention:

It is important that our students understand why they are doing what they do to solve mathematical problems. Teaching should not focus on simply giving a process to blindly follow. Helping students to understand how things work, through use of tactile and visual demonstration, is key (although it is accepted that sometimes the ‘how’ can come before the ‘why’). The focus should be on “depth over breadth”, with students fully understanding the topics they cover, rather than covering a variety of topics and allowing misconceptions to creep in or soon forgetting them.
Students must be given adequate time to apply what they have learnt in a variety of formats. Teachers should not simply move on from a topic when their students can answer 20 simple questions. Students should be challenged with boundary and non-examples, and questions which ask them to unpick or reverse processes to display that they truly understand what they are doing.
A key focus for the Maths Faculty is retention. This can be improved by making students think hard during lesson time, and by building in regular opportunities for retrieval of prior knowledge. Retrieval opportunities will be given during lesson starters, homeworks, weekly low-stakes quizzes and in preparation for study of new topics.

In Years 7 to 11 we split the year group into two bands:

An ‘accelerated’ band, consisting of approximately 60 students (2 classes), who work at a slightly faster pace (although still prioritising depth over breadth) and cover the higher tier topics.A ‘mixed’ band (3 classes) who focus on deep understanding of the foundation tier topics. Students in this band are still eligible to take the higher tier assessments and will be supported by their teachers to do so, provided they show sufficient work ethic and ability to grasp the more complex concepts.

Within each band classes are mixed. Students are assigned bands based on a combination of prior attainment and targets. Students will never be moved down from the accelerated band on the basis of assessment results alone, as we understand that there is a lot more to a student than his assessment results.

Students sit GCSE Statistics (Edexcel) in Year 10 and GCSE Maths (AQA) in Year 11.

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